VPS Server in Malaysia

Are you used to buy location based hosting infrastructure, have online business in numerous internationalized vicinities or you do not belong to any organization but working as a freelancer with an ambition to utilize your knowledge power for generating money by introducing your capabilities to a prominent Southeast Asian region and more, your main goal is to buy a hosting platform which should be in your lesser budget and you may have an unlimited authority on its resources. If it is so, VPS Server Malaysia could be your preliminary choice as it holds all the utilities, other popular datacenters have, as well as you will meet with all higher standard of virtualization. Plenty of dedicated hosting elements are helpful for launching and maintaining your devoted projects where you want a lowest latency in the region to ensure maximum loading speed. Every instance will have its only identity in form of live IP, representing its location as Kuala Lumpur, which will help you gain trust from your local audience.

VPS Server Malaysia

Malaysian Virtual Hosting Plans and Price

Below given plan are not vivid in sense of allotted features in them but filled with great performance due to large amount of resources in lowest possible prices. Click on one plan after comparing to see final charges once you will include all kinds of configuration in it and later pay with PayPal or through BTC.

Malaysia VPS order


  • KVM Virtualization

    Instead of LCX, OpenVZ, purpose of KVM based containers is the maximum efficiency and security.

  • Quality Storage

    We, not only present solid state drives as storage engine but also with a raid system to avoid disasters.

  • Surfing Freedom

    Make a use of you VM as proxy, VPN or gaming server along with the ability of other all legit usage cases.

windows OS
cpanel and plesk

Cheap Malaysia Virtual Private Server

You deserve to buy your Malaysian dedicated hosting needs in cheapest price because you are going to our partners and our core goal is to assure in budget data storage and transformation structure in reach of all kind of communities. Our KVM virtualized machines with a brand of virtual private server in Malaysia are equipped with all desired functionality and optimization which can lead you to do all possible tasks without hassle. We emphasize on Kernel based virtual machine for both Linux and Windows provisioning to help you obtain maximum from your allocated resources. Remote desktop would be the default platform with Windows Server installation whereas command line like putty interface can be used with root access for all Linux distributions. Though we take abuse complaints very seriously but will offer a chance every time to those who are not intentional utilizing their machines with us as bad bots, hacking and other illegal activities. We only serve with quality service without putting any burden on your pocket so test us for your upcoming or current projects where you are in demand of virtual hosting through Southeast Asian Territory.